Where are your bottle trees built?

Our trees are Made in the USA (built in our shop in Sunflower, MS) with only the finest and most durable materials.

Do you offer 2nd day or Overnight shipping?

Yes, just contact us at 662-569-3341 to arrange for expedited shipping. All orders placed online will be shipped Fedex Home Delivery.

Will my colored bottles be okay outside in the winter?

Your colored bottles should be fine outside during the winter. Since the necks of the bottles are facing down they will not get water in them which would make them freeze and break.

Are your colored bottles true colored glass?

Our Red and Brandywine bottles are not true colored glass, they are coated. These colored bottles will fade over time with exposure to the sun. All of our other colored bottles are true colored glass.

Are your bottle trees sturdy?

YES!! We use heavy steel rods and your tree will stick in the ground 18", so there is no danger of it blowing over. We've made our living building equipment and machinery and we have always prided ourselves in overbuilding things. You won't find a bottle tree built better than ours!

Do your bottle trees require assembly?

No, your bottle tree will be completely assembled. All you will need to do is stick it in the ground, bend the branches out, and place the bottles on the limbs. Click Here for instructions on installing a Bottle Tree.

Do you your bottle trees have to go in the ground, or do you make them with bases?

All of our bottle trees are made to go in the ground. However, you can easily put one in a pot to display on a deck or patio. Click Here to get instructions for putting a Bottle Tree in a pot.

What are your bottle trees made out of?

We build our bottle trees using smooth round rods called hot rolled steel. We do not use concrete rebar because it is very brittle and can break easily when you bend it.

Are your bottle trees painted?

We do not paint our trees because most people like the rusted look the trees get over time. You can paint your own tree in a few easy steps. 1. Clean the steel using mineral spirits and a rag. You can use steel wool to remove heavy rust. Be sure to wipe off any excess mineral spirits. 2. Using a can of spray primer, apply two coats according to the directions on the can. Always use primer. 3. Using a can of spray paint in your choice of color, apply two coats according to the directions on the can.

Can I place my order by phone?

Yes. We know some people don't feel comfortable purchasing online. Just call us at 662-569-3341.

When will my order ship?

If you place your order before 12:00 noon central standard time, your order will most likely ship out the same day. You will be emailed tracking information as soon as your order ships.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we have wholesale arrangements with retail stores and other websites. Please click on "contact us" on the left, or call 662-569-3341 to find out more.