Our Story


The origin of the bottle tree can be traced back to Africa. Evidently, it was believed that shiny objects placed around the home would attract evil spirits away from the family. With the tragedy of the slave trade, the tradition found its way to North America and continued to evolve into the hanging of bottles in trees to "trap" the evil spirits.

We don't believe bottles could in any way "trap" evil spirits. However, over the years the bottle tree has become a very unique Southern gardening tradition.

Everyone wants their yard or garden to be unique in some way. Landscaping has become so predictable, that without spending an enormous amount of time and money in your yard or garden, it is becoming difficult to be different. UNLESS YOU GET CREATIVE! A bottle tree with our colored bottles gives you the chance to be creative! Bottle trees allow you to put your own twist on your yard or garden.

Best of all, bottle trees don't die! They never need water or fertilizer. Your bottle tree will always be in full bloom, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

All of our bottle trees are constructed from smooth, hot rolled round rods that are tipped with rubber caps. They are shipped unpainted. Most people feel like the rusted look is a more organic appearance. However, you can certainly paint your bottle tree any color that makes you happy! We also have a beautiful selection of colored bottles you can choose from, or you can use your own.

bottle tree


My father and I own a steel fabricating business, and about twelve years ago, my wife asked me to build her a bottle tree. Like many husbands, I said okay, but I couldn't seem to get around to it. I finally decided one day to fulfill my obligation. I began to design it in my mind while driving down the road. But, I started thinking, "What if someone wanted a bottle tree and they didn't have a welding shop?" "How could I make bottle trees and colored bottles available to anyone that wanted them?" With a little thought and some work with the welding machine I came up with some bottle tree designs that could be easily shipped and still allow the gardener to put their own flare to them. And here we are!

We are a family owned business, and all of our bottle trees are built in our own shop right here in the small town of Sunflower in the heart of the Old South, the Mississippi Delta.

It is our hope that you will find the bottle tree and colored bottles you are looking for to bring a taste of the South to your yard or garden.

- Bill Lipsey