Customer Photos

  • My family just gave me one of your terrific bottle trees, complete with assorted colors of bottles. I have wanted a bottle tree forever and now one stands in my back yard. I own a Bed and Breakfast and can't wait to hear my guests' comments and compliments as they enjoy my bottle tree. Thanks!

linda b.


  • Thank you ~ great site.... Hope to purchase one of your "trees" when my wooden tree fails!! 
    Thank you for your excellent and fast service. They are on my tree right now... thanks again,

valerie - Norton, MA


  • Hello.....I just wanted to let you know that my bottle tree arrived safe and sound. It is living in my garden area off the deck and I can see it from every window in the back of the house. I just love how the sun hits the bottles and they shine. Thank you for making such a special item. 

God Bless You......

tricia s.


  • What a delight! My bottle tree is the perfect "fun" accent in my back yard. So easy to plant and decorate. Thank you.


    ellen - Lawrenceville, GA


    • Dear Sir,
      I received my bottle tree and it was everything and more of what I thought 
      it would be. You did a great job and the shipping was very fast. Thank You


      robin d.


      • I received my order today! I can't believe how prompt the delivery was. The tree is in perfect condition. Thanks for the great service. I just can't believe the one day turnaround.
        Thanks so much!


        randy m.


        • You've made one Mississippi girl very happy! My bottle tree and bottles arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks so very much! You\'re the BEST!

        susan r.


        • I just wanted to thank you for sending the bottle tree so promptly. The cobalt bottles were great and it was everything that I expected. My mother was thrilled and I appreciate the way you do business. The bottle tree is going to be something that my mother will cherish forever. 
          Thanks and have a Happy New Year.

        kim h.


        • Thank you so much Bill! The speed of delivery from order to arrival was fantastic. The bottles were perfect and the packing was top notch. It was nice to talk with you personally as well. Hope to do more business with you in the future.

        ray s.


        • Bill,
          Have to compliment your company on the quality of the steel used for your bottle trees! I had concerns about high winds as a strong storm blew through our area early this morning (same one which will reach your
          area) with winds as high as 60 mph. You could just hear the wind howling. I was afraid I would wake up to find broken bottles on the ground, but the bottle tree was perfect with no indication that the branches had even moved! The winds were still fairly high when I got up (about 25 mph) and, again, the branches were not moving in the least. I think it would take a lot to take down this tree! I will certainly recommend your trees to anyone looking for a quality bottle tree!

        candy h. - Rector, AR


        • My second order of bottles arrived today and my tree is now full. Love it. Your service is beyond excellent! Best wishes to you and your family.

        susan d. - Kempner, TX



        • We really like the bottle tree that we purchased from you a few months ago. Got it up just as the trees were getting little leaves on them. Exactly one month before the picture was taken we had a snow storm that dumped one foot of snow on north central Minnesota. Many people have commented on what a unique tree we have in our yard. Sending you a picture of it in our yard, thought you might like to see one of your bottle trees in Minnesota



        maxine s. - Aitkin, MN


        • YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!
          And my weekend!!!!
          Thanks very much for the wonderful service!




          • Hello!
            I wanted to let you know I received the tree and it looks great!
            Thanks for getting it up here to Provincetown so quickly.

          joel h - Pronvincetown, MA


          • Hi,
            I just received my bottle tree for my birthday and I am thrilled. I have been trying to get one for several years but because we live in Calif. the shipping was a real problem. My daughter and husband ordered mine from you along with 12 colored bottles. It is exactly what I wanted and I wanted to thank you for figuring out a way to ship these wonderful yard art conversation pieces.

          sheila h - San Diego, CA


          • I just ordered a second bottle tree after receiving mine yesterday and putting it up next to an arbor swing today. It is MAGNIFICENT! The one I just order is for my 90 year old mother and I am going down to her place next Saturday so I hope and pray you can ship as fast as the one I have now. I have never been more pleased. Thank you so very much.

          bill r.